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Lead Generation

We specialize in providing lead generation services to help businesses connect customers & drive growth.

Caalano Digital

Website Design and

We specialize in providing professional and innovative website design and development services

Caalano Digital

Facebook & Instagram

Generating sales and get your ads in front of 3B+ people worldwide, using data-driven and performance-based strategies

Caalano Digital

Tiktok Marketing

Driving sales through authentic content, targeting highly-engaged audiences on the world's fastest growing platform.

Caalano Digital

Pinterest Advertising

Create demand and drive brand discovery through everyones favourite inspo platform by letting your customers explore & share.

Caalano Digital

Email & SMS

Leverage email marketing and build an audience of raving fans to generate 30%+ of your businesses revenue through automations, flow setups and monthly campaigns.

Caalano Digital

Google Ads

Google is 1300x smarter than any other platform. Show up when your customers search for you with the fastest way to target your customers in "buy now mode".

Caalano Digital


Get the perfect message in front of your audience at the right time to make them buy no matter what stage they're at in your funnel - with 'Brand Performance Creative'

Local Business Awards 2022-2023 Finalists

Caalano Digital
Caalano Digital

Are you prepared to expand your business?

We offers services, its unique advantages and contributes to the overall success of digital marketing strategies.

  • Cost-effective
  • Measurable results
  • Targeted marketing
  • Flexibility
  • Credibility and trust
  • Enhanced user experience
Caalano Digital
year of experience

A Data Driven & ROI Focused Team of Performance Marketers

With Over 20+ Years Experience

We consistently deliver industry-leading results and exceptional returns on investment for our clients, regardless of the macro landscape. How do we achieve this? By constantly challenging ourselves to improve, day after day.

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What our clients say

Joey Azman

Growme Melbourne

Carla Lombardo

Founder of Eagle & Owl

Brendan Micallef

BPM Bloodstock

Shopped around, tested other digital agencies & results were inconsistent for months, Alex & his team live and breathe this industry & are so passionate about it, will work tirelessly to achieve your goals & outcomes. Give them a go.

Adam Lyle Zahr

Alex and his team were amazing to work with. These guys are the best in the ECommerce industry. They are so easy to work with and the knowledge they have is invaluable. Thank you to the team at Caalano Digital for looking after our eCommerce!!!! It was a pleasure to work with you and look forward to future projects.

Natasha Coughlan
Christopher Serrano

Alex is a wizard. He absolutely knows his industry so well, stays up to date / is a few steps ahead of the game. He is very analytical and understands how to analyse the data, where to make changes and a very methodical way of tracking it all. As a growth partner, he can truly map out the right strategy and is very efficient in his approach always taking action, excellent communication and he just gives you SO MUCH VALUE! my business has had so much growth since working with Alex, recommending his service isn’t enough, I need to shout it from the roof tops! If there’s one thing you outsource you want Caalano Digital on your team!!

Carla Lombardo

Highly recommend, the team at Caalano were outstanding. The whole process was seamless and very professional.

Adrian Serrano

Working with Alex and the rest of the team at Caalano Digital has been effortless and best off all they understood what my business needed in order to succeed in this space. Highly recommend Caalano Digital.

Luis Serrano

Alex from Caalano Digital has been very professional to work with and has provided my business with some fantastic results using his marketing prowess. Highly recommend to any business looking to boost your Success!

Lachlan Wicks

The team at Caalano were extremely knowledgeable on digital marketing to assist my business grow. Their ability to break down a some what overwhelming process/section of my business into understandable and KPI driven tasks allowed my business to grow. Would highly recommend.

Cameron Price

Amazing service and professionalism

John Bayssari

If you want someone who treats your business like it's their own, has in depth knowledge of Google, Facebook and online business systems and exceeds all timelines then Alex and his team are what you need.

Simon Lewis

Meet The Founder

Alex Serrano

Alex Serrano has a storied background in building successful eCommerce brands. Throughout his journey to grow and scale his own businesses, Alex encountered numerous agencies that promised results but consistently fell short. Frustrated with the subpar service he received, Alex realized there had to be a better way to help clients grow than the traditional digital agency model.

In addition to his own ventures, Alex has an impressive digital marketing resume, boasting experience with international and national brands such as Coca Cola Amatil, Reece, L’Oreal, Henkel, Edgewell Personal Care, Lark, Hill’s Pets, and notable sports brands like Wilson and Salomon.

Caalano Digital

Frequently asked questions

We own and operate our own eCommerce businesses.

Our team has had success with our own personal stores both currently and in the past, which gives us consistent insight into the operational mechanics of an ecommerce business. It is also proof that we can ‘walk the walk’.

We don’t sell you the world and deliver peanuts

Over promising & underdelivering – the typical agency story. We don’t guarantee results, no marketing partner can, we do guarantee to be proactive, highly-communicative, provide enormous TLC and treat your brand like our own.

Higher revenue ≠ higher profit, we know this

While other agencies are maximise Ad spend, driving your revenue up whilst breaking the bank – we focus on increasing what matters…your bottom line.

We hold you accountable to your own success

Partnerships go both ways and require mutual accountability. We get so involved with our clients that at times we put forward recommendations that go outside of our service-scope. We’ve found that in the past, clients who act quickly on our strategies experience a higher degree of growth. So we developed our own proprietary ‘Accountability board’.

I just want a higher ROAS, will you guys deliver that?

What we care about, is helping you build a more profitable brand over the long term. There are many factors at play affecting ROAS that are outside an agency’s hands…reality is, the climate for eCommerce brands post IOS15 and COVID has significantly changed. If you’re looking for a quick-fix, and a relationship focused purely on ‘getting a higher ROAS’…we are not the Growth Partner for you.

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